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- 2 - The Power of Availability

@The Speak Easy working on this first real post on Tumblr and what I want to write about (in this awesome post-modern industrial entrepreneurial space) is the power of making yourself available, not just talking about how easy it is for people to find you, but rather offering yourself up to people, chasing them down; in a phrase, lowering the activation cost *yourself*

What do I mean by this?  I’m using my new office hours at Speak Easy as an example of what it means about this semi-mysterious power.  Typically, I sit in a comfortable chair in a great office right on the canal in Indianapolis, pounding away at my A-typical work, the problem is not that people can’t reach me, it’s that someone has to pick up the phone and call me, it’s that the phone is actually a big hurdle for someone who doesn’t know how to start a conversation or has no idea about what to talk about.  Flipping the paradigm, I’m actively putting myself in a public setting where people are already working on disruptive ideas on a regular basis.

Making yourself available is a giant step towards active participation.

So if you want to talk shop, trade stories, pick my brain or tell me a joke, you can find me almost every Friday in the same place.  I’ll not be listening to my iPod, curiously engrossed in a private meeting, or trying to avoid public contact.  I’ll be saying hello, asking what you’re working on, and finding some common ground.

My name is J. Brian Anderson and I work for a seed-stage Indiana University focused venture fund.  We invest in technology companies that scale and we are interested in helping entrepreneurs achieve great heights.  Let’s talk.

                                                                                                                                       Almost every Friday - 8:30 - 11:30am EST - The Speak Easy - @Seedseries 

The Speak Easy - 5255 North Winthrop Avenue, Indianapolis Indiana 46220


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