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-5- Startup outlook 2012 (@svb_financial)

One for the flaming entrepreneurs out there - Silicon Valley Bank confirmed something colleagues and I have been saying for some time - lack of clarity in the regulatory environment, reimbursement and tax incentives are hurting Cleantech and Bio startups.   Below are the highlights of the Silicon Valley Bank report for 2012 (Positives and Negatives).

I. 79% of startups say America is attractive because of its focus on innovation and entrepreneurial mindset (vs. Asia and Europe)

II. 8 in 10 US startups plan on hiring new employees in the next year

III. Only 28% of US execs say US education is preparing future employees

IV. Industries that depend on Gov’t subsidies, regulations, and approvals are SUFFERING (Cleantech and Bio)

V. Only 8% of US Execs think OBAMA/ROMNEY have solutions for economic growth

VI. The majority of US execs think business conditions will improve this year

VII. “ The FDA and reimbursement climate in the U.S. is killing innovation in healthcare medical devices. A clear, navigable path through FDA and CMS, which is on a timeline that rewards investment, is critical. ” – Life Science Executive.

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