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-6- Pattern Paper + Kickstarter

I backed a really compelling high-design Indianapolis/Midwest Fashion Magazine on Kickstarter the other day -  PATTERN INDY.  The really great thing about this is not just Pattern and the people involved with the effort - it is that people who are interested in consuming this specific type of content (localfashiondesign) are now able to back the effort through the product/design crowd-funding site Kickerstarter.com.  What I find amazing about this is that there are so few impediments between a designer and the funders who want to make it happen.  There are real limitations to this platform, but Kickstarter now funds more projects $150M (projected) in 2012 than the National Endowment of the Arts $146M (Yancey Strickler citation).

My take away is that while government grants and endowments continue to decline across the board as a result of necessary reprioritizations of Gov’t expenditures, there are still powerful ways to launch amazing products and services via customers who contribute nearly unimpeded.  Many if not all on Tumblr know about this already but the statistics on aggregate funding are staggering and speak to the power of Web 2.0 and the future of consumer led art, design, product, and service.  Amazing what a well-cut video and articulate description will do for a nascent company with a defined product vision!  


Here are some awesome people working on the project such as…

Ben Blevins @Ballarde - Very smart local focused supporter/critic 

Janneane Blevins @Janneane - Unique style conissoeur who’s involved with respected agency KA+A

Kathy Davis on the beautiful layouts (re:correction thanks Polina!)

Polina Osherov @POsherov - Magazine and advertisement expert - *she is in fact the photographer! - and by the looks of it a good one*

Nikki Sutton @LEVELNikki - Bright interior designer who was the design lead at @SpeakEasyIndy

… and Ian Stikelleather, Kenan Farrel (@KLFLegal) and Leslie Turner (LModelz) who I have not met yet.


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